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Remembering Hector

Remembering Hector Martinez

Below is a message from the Executive Committee and Executive Director of QLatinx.

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of one of our beloved members, Hector Martinez. Hector entered our lives and community spaces in 2017; a regular participant of our Thursday night community meetings, Hector blessed all of our lives with his love, light, and laughter.

Hector embracing a member of QLatinx following a community meeting.

Committed to making a positive impact in his community, Hector was always amongst the first to volunteer his time and energy, giving himself to service and to others. He inspired kindness, fellowship, and carried inside an unwavering sense of joy and fascination for life, art, and queer culture.

Hector marching in Orlando Pride carrying the TRUST Orlando banner in support of the undocumented queer community.

He lived a life of compassion and gentleness. He is forever etched into our memories and on our hearts. Our hearts are with those that knew and loved him, and those that were fortunate to have received the generosity of his spirit.

May he rest in power, in peace, and in paradise.

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