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Mel Vargas

Hablando ¡ALTO! Ambassador



Gender Justice

The Gender Justice department builds dedicated programing for women, girls, femmes, transgender, gender non-conforming and queer communities of color through organizing, storytelling and engagement. In Orlando we have a large Latinx TRANS community and these programs are set in place to advocate for safe spaces that they can be themselves and engage with others.

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With our Gender Justice department we cover a variety of different issues such as gender inequity, gender based violence and barriers faced by the Latinx Trans community due to being POC and Spanish speaking. Latinx people are often forgotten and there aren’t many places that cater to them specifically. We have programming targeted to support individuals sitting at these intersections.



Metamorphosis aims to build a communal support network for tarns, non binary and gender non conforming youth through artistic  intervention. 


Gathering monthly, community members will engage in the act of creation to highlight the undeniable truth that all socioeconomic and political matters intertwine with the trans experience.



At Colectivo TRANSforma, our work centers on healing and restorative justice. As we build economic growth and development for our community, we are enhancing the capacity of future leaders, through a once-a-month series of educational exercises and team building conversations designed to enrich the individual potential, create new leaders, combat stigma or simply empower individuals to create change within community

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