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Social Justice Institute

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Delitza Fernandez
Hablando ¡ALTO! Ambassador

Social Justice

Our Social Justice Institute is designed to welcome members of the community in a space where we can explore ways in which to better empower and protect our communities through the spreading of information and critical thought about social justice issues and cultural identity.

To learn about our up coming community classes and workshops.

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Each of our facilitators are content area experts who have experience in developing unique and thought provoking lessons designed to make us think more critically about social issues.


Our facilitation team include community activists, academic activists, scholars and researchers, and curriculum

development specialists.

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Past Presentations

  • Understanding Intersectionality: An approach for Social Change

  • Sexuality and Gender Diversity

  • Understanding Identity Privilege

  • Reclaiming Femme Language for Liberation

  • Building Family Acceptance: Coming Out as LGBTQ+

  • HIV in the Latinx Community

  • Creating Inclusive Transgender Workspaces

  • Love as Liberation: Relationships and Reflections

  • Que Con La X in Latinx

  • The Cycle of Socialization and Oppression

  • Fostering Inclusive Shelter Spaces

  • Navigating Queer Hook-up Culture

  • Nonviolence Language as a Tool of Resistance

  • Addressing Anti-Blackness and Colorism in the Latinx Community

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