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How Can We Even Begin to Say Thank You?!


Building meaningful impact that elevates the people power in our communities and drives diversity, equity and inclusion starts with all of us working together. 

QLatinx is proud to partner with the following funders - corporate, foundation and government - many of which have provided pioneering financial support of LGBTQ+ Latinx causes and initiatives and who share the core values of community investment and diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Pipeline Orlando

The Emergent Fund

FHI 360

Hope CommUnity Center

Wild Geese Foundation

Southern AIDS Coalition

Contigo Fund

The Resist Foundation

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Miami Foundation

Alliance for Safety and Justice

Citrix Systems

United Action Fund

Third Wave Fund

Stonewall Community Foundation

Movement Voter Project

Come Out with Pride

North Star Fund

Interested in joining the growing ranks of QLatinx partners in supporting LGBTQ+ Latinx causes? Please contact Gabriella Rodriguez, Executive Director, QLatinx.

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