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About Our Program

QLatinx is dedicated to promoting a multi-lingual society by eliminating language barriers and building community. We work toward social justice by supporting community organizing through continuing education for interpreters, loaning interpretation equipment, and connecting you with highly qualified language interpreters. We are committed to promoting equal rights and access for all by addressing root causes of oppression.

Request Interpretation Services

If you are a Central Florida based organization or community group interested in requesting interpretation or equipment rental, complete this online form and a member of our team will follow up with your request.

Our Commitment

QLatinx believes in building and expanding multi-lingual strategies that build access and promote equity within communities of color, fostering opportunities for them to lead and in collective efforts to fight for equality and in today’s fast-paced, sometimes monolingual world.

Join the Interpreter Collective

If you are in Central Florida and are interested in becoming a member of our interpreter collective and participating in language justice building work, complete this online form and a member of our team will follow up with your request. 

The Roots of the Work

QLatinx continues the work that was founded by the Coquí Language Collective, a Miami, FL based language collective that provided interpretation and translation services in various languages across the state of Florida. As they ended their operations in April 2019, they entrusted QLatinx to further their work of language justice and build a network of interpreters who are socially conscious individuals that want to develop a multilingual infrastructure that allows everyone access to a level playing field, enabling them to contribute without language being a barrier.