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La Mega Clase

La Mega Clase, a creative initiative co- led by QLatinx and the Center for Artistic Activism, in support of organizations in Florida working to protect the freedom to vote with creativity and innovation. In this training leaders from Florida learn the fundamentals of artistic activism and how to apply them to pro-voter work. Juntos they collaborate with members of other pro- voting organizations to develop creative campaigns in support of Florida voters. They prototype their campaigns and receive feedback, guidance, and support from QLatinx, C4AA, and fellow participants, and our participants leave with new, wildly creative, and highly strategic ways to achieve your organization’s pro-voter goals.

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Voting belong to all of us!

When it comes to our elections, we want a secure process, a process we can trust. As LGBTQ+ individuals, it is our duty to fight for the safety of our community. Whether we are trans, queer, gay or ally. But sadly these days, he has recently faced barriers from powerful individuals to intimidate our voices with voter suppression bills. Now is the time to call them! Advocate for a safer electoral process to ensure that the entire LGBTQAI+ community understands that our democratic voting process is safe, accessible, culturally competent and it belongs to all of us.

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¡Votar es un acto poderoso y debería traer alegría a los votantes! ¿En Serio Loca? ¡Vota! es una celebración de la votación queer única en su tipo. Centrado en los eventos del Orgullo de octubre de Orlando, ¿En Serio Loca? ¡Vota! utiliza artistas drag, batallas de sincronización de labios, redes sociales y swag para empoderar a los jóvenes QTPOC, contrarrestar las barreras a las que se enfrentan y hacer que la votación por correo sea divertida.


We’ve long known that gun violence was an issue that had a disproportionate impact on the LGBTQIA and Latinx communities, but the shooting at Pulse put that fact in horrifying and stark relief.  Our commitment to action is to continue to elevate the voice of those primarily impacted as a platform to share. and to hear from community, on what we can do to create change

on a local level.

The Pride Ambassador program is designed to celebrate pride and to have the community of QLatinx create their own version of what they think is Latinx PRIDE. Members of the community will be trained in different aspects including, QLatinx pride history, pride + advocacy over the years & why cultural representation is important in these types of events .

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Community Art Inniciative provide access to free art + healing workshops in our Latinx community. In collaboration with different organizations onLine or in -person, this initiative have been engaged with a vast number of individuals with a variety of healing and art projects. In these workshops, more than 230 people have been able to share a safe space and at the same time learn different artistic techniques and how to use art as a mediumhealing or recreation.

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