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Qlatinx Inrern
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Health and Reproductive justice is a framework that acknowledges the social determinants of health that result in poor health for individuals and consequential negative outcomes for society at large. Likewise, the reproductive justice paradigm emphasizes meaningful state and social support over the course of one's life and in all areas of reproduction, from sex awareness and education taught in schools to the quality of inclusive post-partum care and support. Tackling this holistic approach recognizes that individuals' and communities' health depends on their environments and the resources at their disposal.

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Reproductive justice and health equity are foundational to health, autonomy, and liberation in the Latinx LGBTQ community. LGBTQ and Latinx people often face discrimination when seeking healthcare, face health disparities, and lack of access to appropriate care. Health Equity means addressing inequities that are unique to communities that live in those intersections.


The Butterfly

The butterfly closet seeks to create sustainable solutions by educating  our community and increasing access to inclusive reproductive healthcare and services such as abortion, HIV care, and family planning products and resources.


Sex Talks

Our intersectionality workshop is designed for lkadvhp;hkv;vknv;knfs ;b



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