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18 Months; 18 Reflections

December 12, 2017 marks the 18 months since the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy shook the Orlando community and the world. The incredibly compassionate staff of Proyecto Somos Orlando have collected the stories of 18 community advocates who represent the various sectors impacted by the violence that have made a commitment to advancing the equity and justice of the communities most deeply and directly impacted.

In their 18 Months; 18 Reflections Project they asked these community advocates to share why they continue doing the work they do; what drives them to fight for a better tomorrow; and, what impact and change they wish to see reflected in the world. These are their stories.

Ricardo Negron, Hispanic Federation: Proyecto Somos Orlando

“This shoe I'm holding was the one I was wearing that night. I lost the other one at some point between the struggle to get out. I only lost a shoe; many were not as lucky. It's hard to think that 18 months have gone by since our lives changed completely. I promised myself that I would do everything I could to prevent another 6/12 from happening so that is what keeps me going.”

– Ricardo Negron, Hispanic Federation: Proyecto Somos Orlando

Nikole Parker, onePulse Foundation

“We lost our safe place, but we will not lose our unity. #WeWillNotLetHateWin"

– Nikole Parker, onePulse Foundation

Viviana Troche, QLatinx, Two Spirit Health Services

“My life purpose is living my passion for compassion.”

– Viviana Troche, QLatinx, Two Spirit Health Services

About Proyecto Somos Orlando

Proyecto Somos Orlando was created to provide assistance and a safe space for the community most affected by the tragic event that saddened Orlando and the entire world on June 12, 2016. At PSO, we seek to empower the LGBTQ community, the Latino/a/x community, and those who live at intersection of both. Together we can heal and grow stronger.

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