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Statement Regarding Restrictions on Transgender Troops in Military

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We are deeply and unequivocally disappointed in the decision of the Supreme Court to lift the nationwide injunctions that had kept this administration’s policy of placing undue hardships and restrictions on transgender people serving openly in the military.

While the Department of Defense has stated that the greenlighting of this policy would in no way constitute a ban on service by transgender persons, we recognize that this hinders those service individuals from living in their authentic truths and perpetuates the harmful notion that the needs of transgender community are burdensome.

Our community has made strides in efforts to build cultures of acceptance and visibility across various sectors, and this decision only pushes us back into closets and harpens back the era of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. We are diametrically opposed to any course of action that further causes our community to be invisibilized, or be placed at risk of persecution simply for being their authentic selves. We recognize that the actions of this administration as ones that hinder progress and fuel divides and bigotry in this nation.

We are committed to equitable justice and fairness for all individuals, and will stand fervently in opposition against this policy and the discrimination that comes coupled because of this administration.

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