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QLatinx Joins the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to Condemn Gov. Scott

Photo of HIV activists gathering for a protest

Photo courtesy of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation

QLatinx joins the AIDS Healthcare Foundation as we condemn FL Gov. Rick Scott for his callous decisions to recall quality and affordable healthcare.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) provides wrap around services including affordable healthcare insurance and medication services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS across Florida and the US. The ability to provide it within the State of Florida was taken away by Gov. Scott’s office and unfairly given to another insurance provider that is not necessarily affordable. It also removes “choice” from current and future AHF clients, who are among some of the most vulnerable in the state.

AHF has been protesting across the State of Florida including Tallahassee, Naples and now Orlando this Thursday. QLatinx needs the community's support to make our voices heard! For those able to stand in solidarity with this action, email Christopher Cuevas at

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