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We Remember 06.12.2016



One year ago today the very fabric of our community was shaken over the heartbreaking loss of 49 innocent and beautiful souls taken from their families, their loved ones, their community because of an act of senseless violence. On this, and everyday since, we collectively mourn this losses and look to each other for strength and comfort. We pray that you find peace and strength from your community of loved ones. Today, we invite you to hold each other close, provide lasting comfort, and lend your strength to those you come across. Know that you are not alone, there are many resources you can call upon for strength, for support, for counsel, for compassion, for hope. The following is a list of organizations that will keep their doors open on June 12th, and the days to come, for those seeking culturally and linguistically accessible mental health counseling. Two Spirit Health Services, Inc. 407-963-5664 Somos Orlando 407-270-0597 Orlando United Assistance Center 407-500-HOPE (4673) Visit Hope is Still Out There ( to find out about more resources to help through this difficult time. Don't forget, you're not alone, we are always here to provide support.


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