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Orlando's LGBTQ Latinx Leaders Disappointed in Univision’s Decision to Air Exploitative Pulse Se

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Attention: Isaac Lee, Chief Content Officer Univision Communications 5999 Center Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045 Dear Mr. Lee,

Recently Univision released a trailer depicting a reenactment of the Pulse shooting that took place on June 12th in our home of Orlando, FL and claimed the lives of 49 innocent members of our community and left countless more emotionally scarred as a result, with a plan to air the full version of this program as part of their “Crónicas De Sábado” series.

We look to the Spanish media to keep our communities informed and equip us with the knowledge and resources to keep us safe. We hope that organizations that are dedicated to honoring Latinidad would uplift and honor the narratives of our community in a compassionate manner, this achieves neither of those goals. We are disappointed and disheartened that the nation’s most prominent Hispanic news network would air this triggering and trauma inducing special under the guise of “entertainment,” explicitly dishonoring the memory and experiences of the victims, the survivors, and their families.

As our community reels in the aftermath of this tragedy, we all continue walking along our journey of healing and this crass and insensitive portrayal of our darkest hour only further re-victimizes our community. As an LGBTQ+ Latinx organization focused on healing and empowering those directly and deeply impacted by the tragedy we ask that you stand with us in this mission, como familia, and resist this immoral action.

We are requesting that Univision rise to the call from the community and pull this episode from the air and further prevent it, and similar programming, from ever being shown. We are calling on Univision to release a public apology to the victims of this tragedy for this insensitive action, and hope they make genuine strides to restore the trust and faith the members of our community once held for their organization and commit themselves to the healing efforts in the community by actively directing support to the promotion of mental health resources in our community and investing in these services to curb the damage they brought to the members of this community..

We are pleading with the moral and ethical journalistic values and practices of this news organization and other media outlets across the nation in asking them to stand on the side of the people of this community, uplifting our stories with compassion and love.


The members, organizers, and leaders of Orlando’s QLatinx community organization

Community Partner Sign-on:

  • Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement

  • League of United Latin American Citizens


  • El Centro Hispano, Inc.

  • Tarab NYC

  • FL Latina Advocacy Network

Call to Action:

Click here to sign a community petition demanding that Univision cancel the airing and call their offices (305) 471-3900, tag and tweet at them @univision and @issacleep

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