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"Am I Latinx Enough?"


In this powerful spoken word piece, Noel Quiñones encapsulates the thoughts and feelings of so many young Latinxers in our community, ever questioning whether they're Latinx enough.

Our answer: HELL YES!

We understand that not every first, second, and/or third+ generation Latinxer has had the opportunity to learn Spanish (or their indigenous languages for that matter) because of the ever expanding social pressure to assimilate at the expense of preserving our beautiful Latinx cultura.

Stand tall familia. Rise above all that and know that you can express Latinidad in whatever way feels authentic to you. Whether it's shaking your hips to the rhythms of bemba, perrando to the sexy sounds Don Omar, or head banging to the guitar riffs of The Smiths.

You are beautiful and we love you!

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