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Today We Honor Our Fallen


On this day we pause for a moment of silence to honor our fallen familia. The innocent lives that were quickly taken simply for living their most authentic truths. On this day, we remember fierce warriors, advocating for their rights, for change, for love, acceptance, safety, and security. We must speak their names, and forever hold them close to our hearts. Today, and always, we must rise up and stand in solidarity with our transgender familia. We must work tirelessly to end transphobia. We must create affirming, welcoming, and inclusive spaces. We must center transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, empower them, follow their lead, and honor their lived experiences. We cannot be silent in the face of bigotry and oppression, for in silence we are complicit in the violence. To our trans familia, we love you, we honor you, and we will stand by your side always and forever.

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