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QLatinx offers a variety of workshops and trainings in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and social equity for corporations, nonprofits & government agencies seeking to bolster diversity & inclusion efforts with substantive outcomes. Sessions include customized content for intimate groups of 10 to organization-wide development up to 100+.

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Understanding Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Have you heard acronyms like “LGBT,” “LGBTQ” or “LGBTQIA” and wondered what those letters stand for?  Do you work alongside coworkers or serve members of the community who identify as LGBTQ? Do you want to learn more about the basics of LGBTQ identities and have the chance to ask questions in a safe and non-judgmental space?


Participants in this workshop will have the chance to learn and ask questions about LGBTQ+ identities and gain insight into the experience of LGBTQ individuals within the community.


Understanding Identity Privilege

Privilege is a word that you will often hear in social justice spaces, both on and offline. It is much more than just its definition, and for many the definition itself raises questions about the concept.

Through this workshop we will embark on a journey of understanding exactly what privilege means and why it is essential for us to be mindful of our identity privileges in our role as advocates and activists.


Intersectionality: A Framework for Social Change

The human experience is multifaceted, and as such, human lives cannot be explained by taking account single categories, such as race, gender, class, etc. Our lived experiences are shaped by a variety of factors and social dynamics that operate collectively.

Through this workshop we will embark on an understanding of the multiple identities we embody, in an effort to better understand the positions of privilege and power that are held by others, and ourselves, and actively work to address equity and achieve liberation.


Chisme: Reclaiming Femme Language for Liberation

Chisme is an act of defiance that disrupts a culture that invisibilized the narratives of historically marginalized communities. It is a global concept and a universal form of communication.


Through this workshop we will explore how we can use the power of storytelling for cultural  resistance, community empowerment and as a strategy of sociopolitical liberation.


Building Family Acceptance: Coming Out as LGBTQ+

Coming out as LGBTQ+ to one’s family can present its own unique set of challenges. Issues of gender norms, family dynamics, faith, and much more often contribute to tensions in acceptance.


Through raw, heartfelt testimonies, we will delve deeply into issues of immigration, prejudice, and isolation, while thoughtfully asking questions of communities, culture, and even religious beliefs. The result is a powerful lesson on solidarity and humility in a workshop that both heals and inspires.


Beyond Diversity: Moving Toward Racial Equity

How do we as LGBTQ+ people and allies make our movement for LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion fully anti-oppressive? What does healing from internalized racism and internalized homophobia look like? How do I better understand structural racism and actively contribute to the dismantling of systemic oppression?


In this workshop we will explore ways in which to leverage personal privilege and conduct power analyses to address systemic and institutional power imbalances and develop interventions that respond to these ongoing structural challenges. This lesson is rooted in radical love and will include time for self reflection, relationship building, and interactive activities designed to deepen our understanding of racism, and heterosexism and activate us in the work of equity and justice.

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