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About Our Program

QLatinx works to advocate for the dignity and constitutional rights of all individuals, including our immigrant communities, and ensure that Central Florida is a community defined by its diversity and inclusivity, where all residents feel welcome, regardless of immigration status, religion, or country of origin.


The Immigration Advocacy Initiative works with community partners across the state to, educate and empower our communities about social issues that directly impact our immigrant communities; navigate resources offered by our partners for those seeking support; and, take action against injustices and social inequities that direct our immigrant communities.

Our Commitment

Know Yours Rights

To request a Know Your Rights Training for your community group or organization complete this online form and a member of our team will follow up with your request.

Click here for Emergency Immigration Know Your Rights Resources

To be connected with our network of immigration specialists, please contact our Immigration Advocacy Team at immigration@qlatinx.org.

Immigration Partners

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Florida Immigrant Coalition


Trust Orlando Coalition

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Fair Immigration Reform Movement

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Southeast Immigrant Rights Network


United We Dream