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Elsie Lopez

Healing Justice Lead

She/ Hers/ Ella

Elsie's Story

Elsie Lopez is a licensed nutritionist, herbalist, yoga instructor, and state + homeschool teacher. Most recently, she worked as a 1st grade teacher for a K-8 school in Orlando. She has also taught at schools in Chicago, Illinois and in other parts of Florida. Currently, she works as a kindergarten teacher and also creates curricula for Gold Water Education Center. Her current focus is on teaching self-healing, sustainable practices and lifestyle, womb awareness and medicine, as well as ‘wilderness survival’ and natural intelligence, while also working in somatic therapy practices such as yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Elsie is also an artist currently working on a number of projects in a variety of mediums, which include sound, word, found objects, plants, place, and more. The expression through Gold Water Alchemy and Education Center is expansive, encompassing an array of forms, ideas, archetypes, natures, inner and outer scapes and spaces.


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