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Carlitos Díaz

HIV Justice Lead


Carlito's Story

Meet Carlitos, a Proud Boricua hailing from Juncos, Puerto Rico. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Digital Media from the University of Puerto Rico, Carlitos has earned numerous accolades for his dedicated contributions to advocacy initiatives and the creation of educational and artistic activism programs that have enriched the lives of individuals in Central Florida.

As the HIV Justice Program Manager and Resident Artist at Qlatinx, Carlitos employs innovative approaches to combat HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. His toolkit includes harnessing the power of social media, leveraging art as a means of outreach, and crafting a plethora of outreach strategies to educate and support the Central Florida LGBTQ Latinx community.

Serving as a key figure in the Latinx HIV Taskforce (Qlatinx + Talk Test Treat), Carlitos plays a pivotal role in facilitating collective dialogues between healthcare providers and community leaders across various sectors. This collaborative effort aims to bring about a positive transformation in the fight against the HIV epidemic that disproportionately affects the Latinx community in Central Florida. The Latinx HIV Taskforce's mission revolves around uniting forces to cultivate healthier and more empowered Latinx communities through tailored strategies designed for Nuestra Gente.

In the period spanning 2022 to 2023, Carlitos held the esteemed position of President within Central Florida's Latino Outreach & Understanding Division. Founded by passionate Latinos committed to making a meaningful impact in their community, AHF's Latino Outreach and Understanding Division (LOUD) found a visionary leader in Carlitos. His portfolio prioritizes artistic and visual marketing initiatives that resonate with cultural nuances, effectively inspiring positive behavioral change within Latino communities across Central Florida and the United States. To this day, his work continues to bridge the gap for at-risk Latinx sub-populations, including youth, LGBTQ+ individuals, women, undocumented persons, and more, connecting them with essential HIV prevention methods and high-quality medical care. His unwavering passion lies in utilizing artistic marketing that authentically speaks to the QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) community.


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