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Fidel Gomez Jr

GENDER Justice Lead

They/ Them

Fidel's Story

Fidel (They/Them/Ellos) has become a fierce local advocate in the Latinx community. As a native of the Washington DC area’s melting pot, they believe that a harmonious relationship mixing cultures, lifestyles, and identities while uplifting the community can be possible. Fidel enjoys taking spontaneous beach trips, traveling, creating art with drawing/music/designing, and 

After providing affirming beauty services since 2016, Fidel found that beyond appearances, there helping others feel like their authentic selves.was more uplifting work to be done for the Transgender/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming community. After moving back to Florida, Fidel began connecting with community needs by volunteering with several local initiatives, becoming a Peer Support Specialist with The Unspoken Treasure Society, volunteering and becoming an HIV tester for The LGBT+ Center Orlando, assessing community needs with Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Partnership, and now becoming the President of AHF’s LOUD Central Florida Chapter by creating uplifting events within the Latinx community of Central Florida. Their lived experience as a Non-Binary First Generation Latinx person of El Salvadoran descent has helped them understand that with hard work you can do anything you set your mind to and inspire those who don't fully see their value yet. In our current climate, it is imperative for individuals like Fidel, who sit in multiple intersections of identity,  that  don’t always see themselves represented to build community for other folks and inspire our youth. 

Fidel will be reigniting our Gender Equity Justice Program and continuing to elevate our community-led funding initiative; Collectivo Transforma, a gender justice group uplifting voices in the Transgender/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming community. At Collectivo Transforma, our work centers healing and restorative justice. As we build economic enhancement and development for our community, we are enhancing the capacity of future leaders. 


Any questions regarding HIV Justice? Let's connect.

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