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Gabriella Rodríguez

Executive Director

She/ Hers/ Ella

Gabriella's Story

Gabriella is a Chicago born, Queer Latinx advocate whose work aims at eliminating the stigma and discrimination face by within the HIV and LGBT populations by raising awareness through education and investment and empowerment in the belief of ones self.

Following the Pulse tragedy, Gabriella quickly rose to support the directly affected community at Camping World stadium through the LGBT Center of Central Florida to address the immediate needs and provide information, support, and resources and from that point she continued to redirect her energy to healing and empowering the LGBTQ, Latinx,and other marginalized communities that were primarily impacted. As a case Manager for the Orlando United Assistance Center, Gabriella assist the community in navigating a multitude of complex needs aimed at sustaining resiliency, with a focus of uplifting the voices of their intersected communities. She presently serves as senior Co-Chair for the Central Florida HIV Planning Council to which addresses prevention care and the treatment of those in the local HIV community. Gabriella also serves as the executive director for QLATINX , a grassroots organization founded in response to the Pulse tragedy, to build a supportive infrastructure, address inequity, and promote inclusionary practices for the Orlando's LGBTQ+ Latinx community. 


She participated in various other organizations promoting and raising awareness about LGBT issues and sexual health. Gabriella's goals are to continue advocacy work, by advancing the visibility of and empowerment of the local LGBTQ+ Latinx community and in the future, become a Sex therapist and in the future developing a nonprofit organization geared towards addressing barriers and disparities within communities who live at the intersectiond LGBTQ+ and POC


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