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Chef Yamira Lee Johnson


Holistic Life Coach & Head Chef and Founder

Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc.



Chef Mira brings over 30 years of cooking experience to the table, previously thriving in sales and customer service. Her family and friends’ encouraging feedback led her into the culinary industry.  After some research, education, training and planning, Breaking Bread with Mira Inc. was born.  ​

A few years ago, Chef Mira began to experience joint inflammation. As part of her healing process, she became a Holistic Life Coach and began to share what she learned about dealing with chronic pain and how nutrition impacted her healing process. Now as a Life Coach, Chef Mira shares the joy of cooking and how wholesome ingredients and easy recipes can help improve overall well-being with others. 


A very important part of ​ Breaking Bread with Mira's mission is to directly impact Central Florida communities and the world one dish at a time. Through a partnership with QLatinx, Breaking Bread with Mira shares their delicious foods and celebrates the cultural roots of Latin American, Caribbean, and Indigenous traditions and cuisines. 

Click here to visit Chef Mira's personal website for Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc.