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Annual QLatinx Familia Appreciation Brunch

The QLatinx team celebrating during our annual Appreciation Brunch.

Over the weekend I had the honor and joy of celebrating the incredible leaders that make the work of QLatinx possible through their inspired work throughout the year! We wouldn't have been able to accomplish our goals and achieve new heights without their guidance and dedication. They are the gentle streams of water that feed into the river that is our movement for racial justice and LGBTQ+ liberation.

It is with a warm and open heart that I express how truly grateful we am to know and share and be in loving community alongside each of the dynamic leaders.

I have always been guided by the philosophy that gratitude unlocks the fullest and most truthful parts of ourselves, and that the vulnerability that shines from this is the promise of the human spirit. To each of the impeccable spirits, I share how much of a blessing it has been to be embraced by you, and to witness the touch and impact you have had on my life, and on this beautiful movement we've built together.

Here is to a new year of promise, hard work, and equitable transformation!

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